Credit is Web3 without the Fee

Unlock the full potential of blockchain with our zero-fee, high-speed Proof of Authority blockchain capable of processing 100,000 transactions per second. Ideal for real-time applications with high transaction volume. Experience seamless and efficient transactions today!

Experience unparalleled security and trust on our PoA blockchain. Designated authorities validate transactions for maximum fraud protection. Ideal for mission-critical industries like finance and supply chain management. Enjoy a secure and efficient blockchain experience now!


Over 30 community owned validator nodes.

Our validators are well established within the community and have been supporters for many years, they are deeply bonded and expect an equal commitment from prospective validators.


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Credit Smart Chains are the Zero Fee Reality

The possibility for growth in all sectors is multiplied immessurably when you remove the cost, which has historically been the most limiting factor for wide spread adoption. CREDIT solved the Gas problem. If we consider all the possible uses and benenfits blockchain, smartcontracts and decentralization can bring to people and businesses, then it’s easy to see how the cost associated with use has limited the growth of Web3, DeFi and NFT.