High-speed Proof of Authority blockchain

Unlock the full potential of blockchain with our zero-fee chain
capable of processing +100,000 transactions per second.
Credit is a EVM blockchain without fees
Our work is just beginning. If you want to be a part of this mission, drop us a line at info@creditsmartchain.com
Next-gen companies that run on code, not lawyers
Operate onchain with all the protections of traditional solutions. The possibility for growth in all sectors is multiplied immessurably when you remove the cost.

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We are rebuilding the financial system from the ground up and setting new foundations for the decades to come.
Instant execution of transactions
+100,000 Transactions per second and 3 second block intervals make Credit Smartchain unbeatable in terms of scalability.

Decentralized network of validators
Highly decentralized with over 30 globally decentralized validator nodes. Keeping the network safe and secure.

Almost zero fee per transaction
Zero real world cost gas fee of $0.0000000017. 1 CREDIT can be used as gas for 47,901 transactions all for less than $0.00001.

Over 30 community owned validator nodes
Well established within the community and have been supporters for many years, they are deeply bonded and expect an equal commitment from prospective validators.

Join the future

Upgrade to a high-speed network with almost zero fees.