Fast & Cheap, but most all Decentralized.

Credit Project is a decentralized blockchain development team, since 2018 we have been building the ultimate Smartchain. We call it CREDIT and it makes the advancement and widespread adoption of Web3 much more likely, because it is extremely fast and virtually free.

CREDIT is EVM-compatible, so it launched with support for the rich universe of Ethereum tools and DApps. In theory, this makes it easy for developers and teams to port their projects over from Ethereum and other EVM networks.

The Ultimate in Decentralized
100% safe from bad actors, we harness the power of PoA to secure our decentralization with over 30 community owned validator nodes. Our validators are well established within the community and have been supporters for many years, they are deeply bonded and expect an equal commitment from prospective validators.
What began in 2018 has grown into a global community. We leverage the best ideas generated by our passionate members and put them into action quickly to maximise the benefit of all new developments. A more diverse and globally distributed community is hard to find in crypto, we are all focussed on adoption at grass roots level with many of our members being first time crypto users. We all help each other.
Zero Fee Reality
The possibility for growth in all sectors is multiplied immessurably when you remove the cost, which has historically been the most limiting factor for wide spread adoption. CREDIT solved the Gas problem. If we consider all the possible uses and benenfits blockchain, smartcontracts and decentralization can bring to people and businesses, then it's easy to see how the cost associated with use has limited the growth of Web3, DeFi and NFT.
Virtually Zero-Cost

The Fast & Cheap Blockchain

Credit works just like any other Ethereum blockchain, users need to pay Gas to on every transaction. Gas is important because it protects the network from abuse. We have the same Gas as other more expensive chains but we have virtually no cost. We used completely new technology to scale the speed and cost of Web3 well into the forseeable future.

You can make a lifetime of transactions, 47,901, for just 1 CREDIT ($0.0000000017)

Smart Contracts





If you are a new or existing project, deploy on Credit Smartchain and encourage growth by removing network fees from the use of your Token or dApp. If you need some help, we are here to assist.

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Blockchain value
The Future of Web3

A lot faster than ETH, BSC and others,
with the lowest fee GUARANTEED!

Our validators are located around the world, on every continent and in many countries, they are all 100% community owned.

Fast & Scalable

100,000 Transactions per second & 3s block intervals


Highly decentralized with over 30 globally decentralized validator nodes

Zero Fee

Zero real world cost gas fee of $0.0000000017

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+50k Community Members in this Universe so far ...


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