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Clarification on future sales

In response to recent speculations regarding a public sale or ICO, we want to clarify that such activities will not take place. We have allocated 50 billion coins specifically for institutional investments, which will not enter circulation. The sole method to acquire CREDIT will be through the open market.

Our fair launch event represents the final opportunity to purchase CREDIT at competitive rates with zero slippage.

Additionally, if you are a holder of wCREDIT, it is imperative to transfer it to the fair launch wallet to ensure a 1:1 swap. Failure to do so will necessitate the completion of forms and other procedures.

We have committed 1 billion CREDIT to address issues on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and to date, less than 10% of the total supply has been contributed to the fair launch.

Our commitment to eradicate the poverty mentality affecting this project is unwavering. We do not guarantee rates and ratios for inactive or dormant community members.

Our journey to the top is driven by significant motivations, and we are determined to achieve our goals.

Rest assured, nothing can deter our progress.

The time to play your part is at hand. You are called.

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